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Scientist Postpones Retirement After Accidentally Discovering A Faster Way To Re-Grow Coral (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on December 07 2018
It's a moment most scientists probably dream of. Stumbling upon a discovery that can actually be applied to benefit the world we live in! 

That's what happened to this Florida scientist, Dr. David Vaughan when he discovered a faster way to re-grow coral. 

He was actually planning to retire soon, but with his coral-growth discovery we could be able to re-grow coral 40 times faster than we have been before! 

Vaughan's new method is called "micro-fragmenting," where he basically breaks a piece of coral into smaller pieces and then a bunch of science happens and then boom, new coral! 

He obviously does a much better job at explaining it than we do but that's just the beginning! 

The plan is to plant 100,000 corals along the Florida Reef Track by 2019. 

Source: Good News Network
Tags:  interestingoceanscience
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