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Posted by Steve on January 07 2019
Every week, each of us on the show randomly draw three NFL teams out of a bag. For every win by a team we drew, we get one point. In the case of a tie, we get a half point. At the end of the season, based on our rank, we will have a photo shoot, with all show members in various levels of undress. First place, fully clothed. Second place, a little less...and so on down the line until the person who comes in last, who will be nearly nude.

Here are our picks for Week 17.

Season Totals:

So there you have it! Hot Wings finished last and will be nude on a billboard. Free Beer will have slightly more clothing on. Joe and Steve tied, so it came down to a coin flip, where Steve was the victor! So he will be fully clothed, while Joe will be dressed in football pants and pads.

The billboard will go up in Grand Rapids right around the Super Bowl, but the photos will also be available to our affiliates if they'd like to put up billboards in their market as well! And, of course, you'll be able to see the photos here on the website. So stay tuned!
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